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    Technical Furniture

    Scientific furniture for chemical laboratories and technical furniture in 10-10 stainless steel for laboratories

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    Fume Hoods

    Total extraction fume cabinets for laboratories

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    Safety Cabinets for:
    flammable products
    gas cylinders
    chemical products


    Who we are

    Arredi Tecnici Casarin was founded after the second world war, but it had its first growth in the 50’s when, close to Venice (Italy), the Porto Marghera’s Chemical Pole grew.
    As furniture manufacturer (laboratory, office and carpentry) ATC became the supplier number 1 (intended as supplier code) of the main Italian chemical group, actually known as ENICHEM, but previously as SICE EDISON (MONTECATINI EDISON, MONTEDISON, MONTEDIPE, ENIDIPE, ENICHEM).
    Under solicitations and suggestions of the various department engineers and safety controllers, ATC started to manufacture laboratory benches, then fume hoods and ventilated cabinets for chemical and solvents products storage.
    Safety was (and still today is) the first aim in planning and production.
    All the first Department and Research labs were built by ATC that continued also for the Group laboratories at national level : Priolo, Ferrara, Mantova …
    Well-known brand in the laboratory furniture field ARREDI TECNICI CASARIN was undertaken (end 1995) from a laboratory supplies’ market leader Group based in Modena, that re-launched its image but above all the research and development of new tested and certified products.
    At 1998’s end a historic Company in the field of laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and ventilated safety cabinets was undertaken: ASEM® from Milan.

    certifications and patents

    In 1999 the company achieved the product certification for the construction of safety cabinets for chemical products according to the EN 61010-1 norm (it has been the first Company on the EU territory) and then for the safety cabinets for the storage of flammable liquids flammable solids and flammable gases according to DIN 12925-1 norm, updated in 1998 (FWF 20: 20 minutes) and DIN 12925-2 (gas cylinders storage).
    At that time, safety cabinets were officially introduced on the market with the new brand CHEMISAFE.
    During the same year the Company achieved the ISO EN 9001 quality certificate (with the aim of technical furnishings planning and production of laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and safety cabinets for the storage of hazardous substances such as chemicals, flammable solids and liquids and flammable gases). A great study about the “thermal cuts” ran to the achievement of the greatest fire resistance: 90 minutes, known as FWF 90: 90 minutes. The Company is the first who has reached this result in Italy.
    In the previous years, thanks to the import and distribution of safety cabinets for flammable products coming from manufacturers such as Erbssoster, Schram, Koettermann, Asecos, study and focus were conducted comparing our Company’s production with our German competitors’ production.

    The research ran to the registration of some patents:
    – Coldy®: refrigeration (refrigerant) system for low flammable products in safety cabinets.
    – Step-Close®: door closing automatic system by foot pressure in case of “full hands” or automatically (thanks to a special fuse which melts at a temperature of 47°C.) in case of fire.

    The Company development ran to further investments with the certification of lab fume hoods according to the DIN 12924-1 and BS 7258 standard beyond to the BVQI recognition as proof lab for the containment index tests for lab hoods that is inserted into the certification aim.
    Fume hoods and fume cupboards and cabinets were regrouped under the brand ASEM, which is the excellence brand for this kind of products.

    In 2002 ATC also bought the PANDESA® brand and the right to manufacture the only compressed gas cylinders’ external storage unit certified by the Italian Ministry of the Interior (Experience and Tests Centre , Capannelle, Rome).

    ATC has its internal testing laboratory and is the only Italian company in possession of the ASEMSERVICE® “in situ” control instrumentation for “Lab chemical hoods containment index”.

    The product quality and competitiveness ran ATC to the construction in O.E.M. of safety cabinets for other companies all over Europe.

    Since the 2005’s first months R&D ran ASEM to the EN 14470-1 certification (New European norm that has replaced the German DIN 12925, expiring date 31/12/2005), realizing a TYPE 30 range and a TYPE 90 range (max. 90 minutes) of safety cabinets.

    Actually ASEM fume hoods are certified according to the EN 14175-2-3-6 new Norm including the test service EN 14175-4 after, EN 14175-6 and EN 14175-7. Also the lab benches are tested according to the EN 13150 and 14727 Norm.

    ASEM has just completed a full range of stainless steel furniture for the pharmaceutical industry and is studying and developing a special range of furniture such as a overhead service carrier, ceiling-suspended.
    At present ASEM is also testing a new range of safety cabinets for inflammable products, which will be introduced on the market early 2011 and will replace the current production.

    After its undertaking in 1996, from a 500mq working place, ASEM actually takes a 7000mq area, whose 4000mq covered for assembling facilities and storage.


    We sell our furniture worldwide and for several trades.

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    Bruno Stancanelli - President & CEO

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    Dino Recchia - Sales Manager Furniture

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    Lorenzo Montin - Product Manager

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    Mirko Marton - Technical Drawings Office

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    Federico Zanatta - Sales Dept. Furniture

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    Monica Sartoretto - Order Management Furniture

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    Franca Bergamo - Account Dept.

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    Sergio Dorigo - EDP Manager

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    Camilla Grazian - Sales Department Lab Furniture



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